Our services


Translation & Localization

LIINGUA MADA can help you translate Malagasy, French and English documents respectively to and from those three languages.

Our linguistic team is committed to delivering you quality works whatever your area of activity is.

Proofreading :

At LINGUA MADA, we make sure that every single document is grammatically and syntaxically checked before we hit the 'send' button.



LINGUA MADA team also includes field interpreters capable of assisting you in various missions.


Transcription :

 Transcription is one of the core services offered by LINGUA MADA . We can help you transcribe audio files in French (France and Canada), Malagasy and English.

Voice Over:

Are you looking for someone with knowedge in audio dubbing? Here we can assist you, whether it is for a male or female voice over project for commecial spot, films, documentaries, and so forth.